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What is the Lead's Town Advantage?


We lead the industry in close rates.


We focus on relationships with our customers and therefore earn their trust to serve all their insurance needs.


We have the easiest and most transparent return policy in the market.


Everyone benefits when calls are handled professionally. We help your team improve!

The Leads Town Advantage is all about giving our clients the edge above the rest in upscaling their business. 

So let’s get you to chase less and close more leads!

Our Story

In 2017, Leads Town was founded by a group of insurance agents who understood that high-quality leads are the lifeblood of an insurance agency. Years of fine-tuning and tweaking, have brought Leads Town to the forefront of the insurance lead generating business.


Today, Leads Town is has an avid and growing fan base of clients and a 90% retention rate and an over 20% close rate — proof that Leads Town works for your bottom line!

Our Team

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So these are Home Leads?

NO. We guarantee you speak to the Homeowner 100% of the time. Because of this, we forecast that about 80-90% of your closings will result in a multi-line lead opportunity.

What if the lead is a ‘bad’ lead and they won’t let me speak to them? Do I still get charged?

We totally understand you on this especially since it's a common concern. Fortunately, we are the ONLY Live Lead provider to offer 100% accountability to all of our leads! It’s pretty simple- if you don’t get to quote them, it will be eligible for refund and you’ll have 10 days to request that refund.

What if my staff is all on the phone? Now what?

You're in luck! We offer live- pausing(s) at any time throughout the day. Your leads will never expire so whenever you’re short staffed or have an event going on inside your office, you can pause for an hour or you can pause for the whole day with no issue!

How soon can we work together?

Right now. Book a consultation with us today to start upscaling your business!

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